About Kevin Kelly II

Kevin Kelly II

Kevin Kelly II

Agent Details

Kevin P. Kelly II has always been passionate about architecture. His grandfather, a business owner and stonemason literally taught Kevin about bricks and mortar.  His hands on experience continued as he worked with professional contractors in multiple renovation projects of his family’s old stone manor home in Radnor. During high school worked at Sherwin-Williams where he was involved in estimates, sales, contractor accounts and DIY walk-ins. In his college years he studied business management at Cabrini University while working as a part time electrician. Kevin thrives on using his practical remodeling and renovating experience to help buyers, sellers and builders to find and develop the right projects to meet their objectives.

Work With Lorna

When launching a listing, Lorna draws on her prior career experience to analyze how best to position new listings with regard to competing homes. She has long believed that professional photos are critical to creating the right image for a property so that buyers can appreciate the lifestyle a home offers.

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